It is no longer easy nowadays to choose your wedding music. We therefore have to be on the lookout every time for the best wedding music trends. Below is a list of some of the Top Wedding Music Trends today.

1. The Bands and DJ Collaboration

The DJs and Bands have never had any good connection when it comes to special events industry. Some guests will prefer a Dance-DJ style while others love the Band hybrid style. But some other guests will love to see them or listen to them both. This has necessitated the collaborations between the bands and DJs. The DJs will take like 15 minutes to 20 minutes playing while the band takes a break, they will be interchanging this way till late night or even after the show. This idea of booking both the DJ and a live band is good since it will add value to clients who would love to hear some music in their wedding night. The only dislike to this trend is that some clients may not like the idea of having two setups on the same stage.

2. The Specialty Performance Act Music Trend

Some of the best way to make your wedding more memorable than that of your friends is by hiring a specialty performance act. The performance specialty act is usual well-rehearsed and has choreographed dance shows that take around twenty minutes. Examples are like the hip-hop quartet BRUTHA and the 35 minutes Jersey Boys set. The specialty act would just be an addition to the reception band which normally takes place during the break. Every vocalist team has their own full dance band which is their backing band. Currently, there is no known downside to this trend.

3. The Upgrading of the Audio Service

Another trend that is gaining roots in the modern world today is the bookings of professional audio service for weddings. You cannot make a good band in the world without having excellent audio amplification system. It is not always favorable to run sound through some onsite venue systems. Due to this, customers have started to explore more upgraded audio services to make sure that they get the best value for their dance band.

4. The Protocol Dances is No Longer a Must

These days, the protocol dances and speeches are never a must in wedding nights. In this generation, more of the millennial wedding ceremonies have turned to being a more communal a fair than maybe the throwback days. This does not mean that wedding have lost their meaning; on contrast, there is a lot of time for guests mostly in the evening to dance to the music. But for some guests, though, seeing these new wedding trends may become disheartening since they may not be used to them.

5. The Bride & Groom to Take the True Center Stage

The traditional wedding model where the parents of the brides used to take center stage as hosts and masters of ceremonies has recently been faced off, and these days the bride and groom have to take the center stage themselves. This is particularly best for us, as the couples who are getting married are the one to determine the band of their own liking, their preferred play list, and can request any dance of their choice. One setback to this is that you cannot surprise the bride and groom easily on their actual wedding day since they are involved directly in the planning and other logistics of their ceremony unlike in past decades.

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