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RoomThirteen: Rating 11/13

“…from what I can gather from the six tracks I have had the privilege to listen to, the rest of the record is going to be just as miraculous as these songs…”

The Beat Surrender: Rating 8/10

[Is the album worth buying?]

The short answer to that is a definite yes. It’s got a feel of early Oasis, a swagger that the Gallaghers had around Definitely Maybe, but with a lot more melody thrown into the songs. What songs as well, I can see this band really breaking through and making it to the top if they get lucky with one of their releases.

Scene Slut

Their English flare and accents shine through their music and from the sound they create you could easily mistake the three-piece for a four or five piece. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, if these guys ever wind up in my area I’d definitely pop along to see them.

Maximum FM

Whatever happened to the good times? They are still here with The Tunics!

Atomic Duster

“Fade Out” is like Oasis meets Bluetones, whereas “Do What You Did” is a riproaringly exclusive track with a melody Pete Shelley would have been proud of… A band without doubt I think we both agree are certainly ones to watch.

Last Broadcast

Poppier than Wombats, sharper than Razorlight- these guys will go far

Floatation Suite

Kate Nash meets Arctic Monkeys? One thought which occurred while listening to Cost of Living. It’s an impressive effort by the Croydon outfit who clearly demonstrate the musical ability and song writing skills from the off.

Selby Times

It’s a blast of classic rock n’ roll with a modern post-punk pop twist. Add to that some truly wicked lyrics, and you’ve got a band really going places.

Old school rock n’ roll style with more meat in it than a rhinocerous sized beef sandwich! It’s the 60s-style twang with a modern twist that makes their music so completely addictive, combined with some wicked lyrics of classic storytelling fashion.

Is this Music

The Tunics hail from Croydon, and this becomes blindingly obvious as soon as you hear the vocals – the refreshing sound of a singer singing in a distinctive accent that isn’t a strange transatlantic drawl. The honesty of this approach pays dividends as ‘Cost of Living’ is an immediately accessible song,

Shock FM Radio

Like I have said before, I don’t think that I’ve heard a bad track from The Tunics… I love it how all their songs sound a little bit different- a great asset in today’s music industry.

Live Review

“The Tunics aren’t your ordinary indie band, the lyrics alone say a lot about the band’s quality and from their live performance you sense talent and know that these guys take their music and what it offers very seriously. As far as the music goes, it exceeds recorded material in every aspect. Vocals are more purposeful, drums even more driving, guitar is well-defined and bass is much more noticeable and thus appreciable, as it is truly excellent.”
– ICR Radio, Imperial College London


“The lyrics are smart and well constructed; some songs even take on an older rock sound from such bands as the pixies or even the doors, which I believe does give The Tunics an edge.”
– Subcity Radio, Glasgow University

“Pity they aint playin in Scotland soon, but I say lets whet the listeners appetite for when they do!”
– XFM Scotland

“Got 90% hot in the hot or not feature”
– Play Radio UK

“A cheeky vocal that is a cross between The Streets and Oasis this new band could go far.”
– Maximum FM

“A promising band who could in future produce an indie-rock gem”
– Burst FM

“A great band, very reminiscent of an indie rock and roll ‘The Streets’. A great mix of styles producing something that really stands out from the crowd.”
– HRC 1386

“very original music”
– Fusion

(On “Cost of Living” / “Turn Away”)

“This will be our record of the week next week.”
– Fen Radio

“Really like this track- the lyrics are as poetic as the likes of Alex Turner, and delivered with passion. Could definitely imagine the track being a big hit with students.”
– Shock FM

“Really good song, has a definite individual character to it which so much of this type of music misses, catchy and quirky, great track.”
– Bay Radio

“Awesome stuff like the arctic monkeys but funkier in the playlist and destined for a high placing in the chart.”
– Tone Radio

“The lyrics are awesome and the rhythm is fun”
– KCC Live

(On “Fade Out” / “Do What You Did”)

“Fantastic rhythm and vocals, should do very well – fantastic lyrics, tempo is upbeat which contrasts fantastically with the lyrics.”
– Fly FM

“All the playlist committee love this track and think it could go the distance. it is a great a-list track”
– Tube Radio

“‘Fade Out’ is just as good as ‘Cost of Living’…’Do what you did’ is another corker – the chorus is really catchy.”
– Shock FM

“Do What You Did is the best of the 4 tracks so far, so I’ll make sure I play that soon.”
– BBC Radio Bristol


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Tone Radio
Fen Radio 107.5
Down Fm
Utopia FM
HRC 1386

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Hightrees FM
Bay Radio
Shock FM Radio
KCC Live
Radio Fusion
Utopia FM

Spot ( 35 )
XFM Scotland
BBC Newcastle
BBC Bristol
BBC Nottingham
BBC York
Radio Teesdale
Tube Radio (LCMM)
MUD Radio
HFM Student Radio
Fly FM
Phonic FM 102.3
Splash FM
Future FM Radio
Phoenix FM
South Hams Radio
Maximum FM
BBC Radio Bristol
Radio Reverb
Fen Radio 107.5
Jimmy’s FM
HCR 1386
Hightrees FM 102.3
Lollypop Radio
Icon Radio
Exeter 107.3FM
Radio Magnetic
Express FM
The Wall

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